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10 Ways The Master Challenge Can Enrich Your Life

Written by: Calista EvraetsMaster Challenge FB

Have you ever noticed the chart outside the studio door and wondered what it’s all about? The chart is a simple way to track the number of classes you’ve attended. Each month presents a new opportunity to complete Zen Body Master Challenge! If you complete twenty-two classes in the calendar month, you’ll get a Zen Body Master Challenge t-shirt, but there are lots of other things you can gain from taking the challenge!

1. Yoga will become a regular part of your day.
Coming to a class at least five times per week will help you to make yoga a habit! It’s a big deal to plan to spend that much time at the studio, and you’ll find yourself planning your days around yoga classes. The next thing you know, you’re in the habit of setting aside time to practice!
2. Yoga skills will advance.
It goes without saying that practice makes perfect, but you might be amazed by how quickly your strength and stamina builds when you’re practicing almost every day.
3. You’ll feel better about your body.
This can come in a number of ways. Stronger, more toned muscles may help give you a boost of confidence. You may gain more appreciation of how amazing and strong your body is. You may feel a sense of gratitude toward your body as it carries you through each class.
4. Your posture will improve.
Yoga helps to strengthen the core muscles that surround the spine, so as your strength builds, you’ll find yourself walking taller!
5. Sleep may come easier.
Practicing meditation regularly can help condition your mind toward relaxing at the end of the day. Additionally, regular exercise can help to physically tire the body. If you work at a desk all day, your mind may be tired but your body may not have burned enough energy to be ready to settle down for restful sleep.
6. Planning around yoga classes can improve your diet.
After a few days of practice, you’ll start to learn which foods fuel your body to be active for your class. Since twenty-two classes is a big commitment of time, figuring out meals in advance may help you to eat a healthier diet.
7. Your stress levels may drop.
Eating better, sleeping better, and getting regular exercise can contribute to less stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation will also give you a great outlet when you’re feeling stressed.
8. You will make new friends and build a community of encouraging people.
Yoga people are the BEST people! Every class is full of people making a similar commitment to their health and well-being. You might find yourself making plans with your yoga friends outside the studio!
9. It’s a great opportunity to try new classes.
Is there an instructor you’ve never taken a class from? Have you been meaning to try a restorative class, but haven’t found the time? Choose those new classes as part of your personal challenge!
10. You’ll feel confidence in your ability to reach a goal.
At the end of the month, when you reach your twenty-second class, you’ll be proud of your strength and follow-through!

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Using a Yoga Block

Written By: Margaret Wish

Yoga BlocksDo you use a yoga block in your practice? Personally, I always grab a block for every practice because you never know if and when you may need one. Some days my body will be fully open, other days I may be tight and need a little support.

When I first started my yoga practice, I didn’t realize the importance of using this prop. I thought that since I had a dancer background that yoga would be no problem for me, and that I would be able to do everything with ease. That was my ego talking. Once I became more serious about my practice, I realized that having a block is not a sign of weakness, but rather acknowledging that it is okay to need help and support.

Lately, I have learned several different ways that you can use your yoga block, and I thought it would be fun to share that with you! Here are 2 of my favorite ways that you can use your yoga block to improve your yoga practice:

1) Feeling Grounded
If you have used a yoga block during your practice, you probably already understand this tip! The yoga block has three ‘settings’: high, medium, and low. These ‘settings’ simply mean the way in which you are holding the block.

As you start your practice, you may need to use the high setting in your extended side angle or triangle pose until you are able to slowly move your hand to the floor. The block brings the ground to you, and can bring ease into a posture that would otherwise be uncomfortable.

2) Improving Technique
Alignment is key in your yoga practice, and your block can help you better understand how to properly hold your arms and legs.

Here is a great way to learn and practice engaging your shoulders in downward facing dog:

Holding the block long ways in your hand, press your hands into the side of the block while trying to make your pinkies touch. You should feel an internal rotation in your arms, similar to being in downward facing dog. Next, try holding downward facing dog and applying this technique to the posture. Do you feel the difference?

Next time you step onto your mat, don’t be afraid to grab your yoga block and use it to further your practice.

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21 Days to Well

Zen Body DoorZen Body Yoga + Wellness is excited to announce our newest wellness program, 21 Days to Well, that will reset your mind and your body.  Spring is the dawn of  rejuvenation and with this program you will find yourself blossoming in to a whole new you. 21 Days to Well is designed to cleanse the body of toxins and reset the mind for a clearer path to better choices and a better life.

The program includes:
A 60 page workbook
The workbook is an essential tool in the program to keep you on track and offer guidance.  The workbook includes daily informative guidance, questions, and journal.

StrengthFinders assessment
The StrengthFinders assessment allows people to uncover their talents that are typically unused on a daily basis. By taking the assessment and realizing your true strengths, you will be able to do your best every day!

Detail detox diet plan
The first aspect of the 21 Days to Wellness plan is a 10 Day Detox. Through the detox you will cleanse the body of toxins and introduce whole, clean foods that will ultimately benefit your health and aide in the prevention of diseases.

Group meetings
Group meetings throughout the whole program help you have a supportive system, of others who are going through what you are going through at the same exact time.

The group meeting topics include:
Making the Detox Work for You
8 Dimensions of Authentic Wellness
Law of Attraction
Healthy Living Guidelines

Two guided meditations
A true meditative state can be hard to achieve. With the 21 Days to Wellness program, we will hold two guided meditation classes to help you improve on your own personal meditation practice.

Two one-on-one coaching sessions
Throughout the 21 day process and in addition to the group meetings, you will receive two one-on-one coaching sessions with our Certified Life Coach. This will be your time to discuss what you have learned and how you can implement this in your daily life and for your future goals.

A juice party
During the detox process, we will hold a group Juice Party. This will give you time to discuss how your detoxing process is working for you, gather some tips and suggestions, and provide support for your fellow detoxers!

Zen Body Yoga + Wellness is excited to offer this wellness program to the Tulsa area. We know, with this program you can expect to increase your energy, obtain mental clarity, improve your digestion, obtain clarity of your life goals, and gain personal confidence and empowerment.

To learn more about this exciting new program, visit our website – www.ZenBodyTulsa.com or call our office today, 918-388-8799.

Be healthy!